World’s most accomplished broke people

Rhadi Ferguson is a Judo Olympian.

He trains MMA fighters.

Super nice guy.

But here’s something you won’t find on his Wikipedia page.

The dude’s also an internet marketer.

I had a chance to meet him in person earlier this year and asked him why he decided to start an internet marketing business? It didn’t seem like he needed to considering how accomplished he is.

He said the life of an Olympian isn’t a glamorous as it seems.

Sure, athletes like Michael Phelps have multi-million dollar contracts with Speedo…

For the rest the life’s hard.

And many end up broke soon after they’re done performing.

No more sponsorship contacts.

No celebrity status.

No financial recognition.

Most of them will end up as coaches, earning an extremely humble living doing what they love living very modest lives.

Rhadi took matters into his own hands.

He saw the writing on the wall.

So he painted the damn wall!

I asked him how did he do it with such a demanding training schedule?

He said he outsourced most of the work to a system that did the work he never had the time to do.

Would you like to know what it is?

Details here


How I accidentally motivated my lazy friend to lose weight

My friend Jim wants to lose weight and get in shape. He’s been talking about it for years. But he doesn’t know if the $29/month membership at the local gym is worth it. He’s hesitant. So he doesn’t join the GYM. He says he’s still thinking about it.

One day as he started talking about getting in shape again, I called him out on it. “Dude, just stop. We both know you aren’t going to do it.” At first he got upset with me for saying that. Then he got mad. So mad he joined the GYM the next day just to prove me wrong.

I saw him a few weeks later. He was noticeably thinner. He wasn’t upset with me anymore. In fact, he thanked me for pushing his buttons last time we spoke.
It helped him realize how full of crap he was and do something about it.

I never meant to push his buttons, to be honest. I just said what I felt. But it taught me an important lesson in motivation.

Now, anytime I don’t feel like putting in the work, I close my eyes and remember all the people who told me I wasn’t going to accomplish my dreams. I use the negative influences as positive reinforcement.

And I no longer have a motivation problem. Which seems to be the #1 problem beginners face starting out.

The #2 problem they face is not having a system. But that’s even easier to fix…

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Healthy benefit of admitting you’re a failure

Ever bought things with money you didn’t have?

That’s my life before internet marketing.

I used to put everything on credit cards.

Food, clothes, bills, birthday gifts, toothpaste, you name it.

There was no way I could have a normal life on what I was making before internet marketing.

What other people considered “the basics” were luxuries to me.

This made building an online business so much more difficult.

I had to get creative about getting the money to invest in courses, coaching and seminars.

Money I didn’t have in the first place.

And had no opportunity of borrowing from friends and family who I already owed money to.

At one point I hit rock bottom.

I was sitting on the bathroom floor looking at the ceiling wondering how did I end up here? Which choices led me to becoming such a failure?

But then I heard a voice in my head saying.

It doesn’t matter what choices led you to become a failure today. What matters is the choice you make today to become a better version of you tomorrow!

In this flash of inspiration, I suddenly saw a clear set of steps I needed to take to fix my life.

It involved getting a second job, cutting all my cards (but one I’d use for Internet marketing) and renting out my basement to a tenant for some extra cash flow.

I wasn’t happy about this plan.
I didn’t want to share my home with a stranger.

But I did what I had to.

The next step was to find a good business opportunity.

Something I could work in between jobs.

I missed the target with my first pick.

But the 2nd one was spot on!

Here’s the opportunity I used as a part of my plan to get back on my feet