Healthy benefit of admitting you’re a failure

Ever bought things with money you didn’t have?

That’s my life before internet marketing.

I used to put everything on credit cards.

Food, clothes, bills, birthday gifts, toothpaste, you name it.

There was no way I could have a normal life on what I was making before internet marketing.

What other people considered “the basics” were luxuries to me.

This made building an online business so much more difficult.

I had to get creative about getting the money to invest in courses, coaching and seminars.

Money I didn’t have in the first place.

And had no opportunity of borrowing from friends and family who I already owed money to.

At one point I hit rock bottom.

I was sitting on the bathroom floor looking at the ceiling wondering how did I end up here? Which choices led me to becoming such a failure?

But then I heard a voice in my head saying.

It doesn’t matter what choices led you to become a failure today. What matters is the choice you make today to become a better version of you tomorrow!

In this flash of inspiration, I suddenly saw a clear set of steps I needed to take to fix my life.

It involved getting a second job, cutting all my cards (but one I’d use for Internet marketing) and renting out my basement to a tenant for some extra cash flow.

I wasn’t happy about this plan.
I didn’t want to share my home with a stranger.

But I did what I had to.

The next step was to find a good business opportunity.

Something I could work in between jobs.

I missed the target with my first pick.

But the 2nd one was spot on!

Here’s the opportunity I used as a part of my plan to get back on my feet