How I accidentally motivated my lazy friend to lose weight

My friend Jim wants to lose weight and get in shape. He’s been talking about it for years. But he doesn’t know if the $29/month membership at the local gym is worth it. He’s hesitant. So he doesn’t join the GYM. He says he’s still thinking about it.

One day as he started talking about getting in shape again, I called him out on it. “Dude, just stop. We both know you aren’t going to do it.” At first he got upset with me for saying that. Then he got mad. So mad he joined the GYM the next day just to prove me wrong.

I saw him a few weeks later. He was noticeably thinner. He wasn’t upset with me anymore. In fact, he thanked me for pushing his buttons last time we spoke.
It helped him realize how full of crap he was and do something about it.

I never meant to push his buttons, to be honest. I just said what I felt. But it taught me an important lesson in motivation.

Now, anytime I don’t feel like putting in the work, I close my eyes and remember all the people who told me I wasn’t going to accomplish my dreams. I use the negative influences as positive reinforcement.

And I no longer have a motivation problem. Which seems to be the #1 problem beginners face starting out.

The #2 problem they face is not having a system. But that’s even easier to fix…

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